Love it or hate it, we all need a presence on LinkedIn.

Personally, I get a lot of messages from all those people who have “the greatest story idea ever,” and if I write it for free, we’ll both split the millions in profit 50/50.

Or… my box fills with things people are trying to sell me. Services, ideas, their script loglines (secret: I have plenty of my own that I’d like to set up) or a group chain link message – what? But every once in a while there is a message from someone I genuinely want to connect with. LinkedIn, to me, has become one of those necessary evils – but I wish it had a spam blocker.

Regardless, I have my page up and update it when I have to. Maybe we should connect?

Feedly… OMG!

How is it that I have been on this planet as long as I have, and never heard about Feedly before? This thing is awesome!

It’s super easy to set up. Create your free account, then type in subjects that interest you. Then pick from a list of blogs that you’d like to follow. The coolest part… they have an app. So now I can just click on my Feedly app on my phone or iPad and TADA, all the news and information I want at my fingertips… new content delivered daily.

I’m just beginning to play with it. Pretty exciting stuff. Here’s my list:

Creating a Logo

I have a tendency to overdo things, and creating a logo was no different. I ended up making about fifty different logos, then got myself tied up in a twist trying to decide which one best represented me. After making my family and friends a wee bit insane, I made a decision. Here it is.

My new logo, created with Logo Maker Shop app.

AND… since there are different needs at various times, I made a light colored alternate. Because you just never know.

The light colored alternate. Created with Logo Maker Shop app.