I recently read “Mastery” by Robert Greene (great book – highly recommend) and I have to say, it opened my mind as to what it truly means to become a master of something. It’s not about a piece of paper or awards and accolades (although those things are all nice)… being a master is about diving into your craft with body and soul. I am a storyteller. I love stories and all the various outlets of stories. While I lean heavily toward entertainment, I believe deeply in the power of the story whether it’s told around the campfire, plays up on the big screen, or reveals itself with each turn of the page. Story resides deep within the soul. I do not know if I will ever become a “master” storyteller, but I am thrilled to embark on the journey toward mastery as, at the end of the day, it’s the journey that truly matters.

I intend to use this mastery journal to share my work, thoughts, and inspirations as I work towards self-improvement and mastery in writing. I have committed to expanding my thinking and knowledge base, opening myself up to new ideas, methods, and areas in which to tell a story. I will be continuing my work as a screenwriter but will also be penning my first memoir while digging deeper into the worlds of graphic novels and transmedia entertainment. I believe we should all continuously strive to open unfamiliar doors and explore new territories.

It is my hope that, through this journal, I will be able to reflect on techniques, concepts, and ideas as I push myself to grow and improve in my craft. As I study the lives and works of the many masters who have come before me, I will share insights and any bits of wisdom I may gain from them. I will also share my personal journey, the process I experience from that initial spark of an idea through the multiple rewrites to the final draft and all of the frustrations and wins experienced along the road. 

And, finally, as my film and TV scripts move forward through development and production, I will share the ups and downs of pushing a project uphill and all that goes along with that.

This will be a time of digging deep within, exploring ideas – some may be foreign while other times it may be looking at old ideas in new ways. I’m sure there will be a lot of laughter and probably a few tears, but I will embrace every moment because it is ultimately the journey up the mountain that matters most. I’m glad you’ll be here to share it with me.