Two Things Worth Sharing

There are a couple of things that I think are truly worth sharing. Both have had an amazing effect on me and my work, personally, and were on my mind today to put out there… so, no time like the present!

First and foremost, I want to tell you about The Writer’s Room 5050…

The Writer’s Room 5050 is something all TV writers need to know about. Started by Evette Vargas and Kate Rees Davies this past year, TWR 5050 has been exploding with success.

Evette brings her experience and expertise to the group as she gives television writers the opportunity to develop their projects in a writer’s room setting. I participated in her class several months ago – it’s a lot of work for sure, but worth every second.

The most phenomenal thing about the class was at the end when everyone’s scripts were read aloud by professional actors. EVERY SINGLE SCRIPT WAS WONDERFUL!

I have literally never had that experience before. Normally, in a writer’s group situation, you’ll get a bunch of mediocre scripts (or let’s be honest, truly awful ones) and only one or two that stand out from the crowd. This was the first time in my life when I participated in a class where every fucking script was a joy to hear read at the end. Blew me away. Seriously.

AND the pitching class… wow. Writer’s write. That’s our thing. Pitching is a whole other skillset and, to me, it’s been a necessary evil involved in the process. However, all of my feelings toward pitching have completely changed.

Evette has created a system that actually works. I can’t begin to tell you how many different methods and systems of pitching I have learned through the years. None felt natural or intuitive. Everything felt forced and rehearsed. Yuck! It’s been awful.

However, going through the six weeks with Evette changed everything (well four really, and I’ll tell you why in a minute). Focusing on what matters most in the pitch and bringing yourself to the table makes such a difference. In four weeks, we broke our stories, wrote out and memorized our twenty-minute pitches, practiced on the group and received feedback, and then… the last two weeks of the six-week class were spent pitching to executives. It was awesome. Every writer in that room stepped up and delivered a phenomenal pitch.

I never once felt the pains of sitting through so many pitches (as I have experienced far too often in the past). I was riveted – the whole time. The executives gave awesome feedback and the decks were beautiful.

At the end of it all, I have never felt more solid in myself and my ability to develop a show and pitch it. Got several new ones in the works now, in fact, and the whole process is so much easier.

Thanks, Evette (and Kate) you two rock!

The second thing I wanted to mention…


Every writer I know loves being a writer, yet it can be a serious challenge to actually discipline yourself enough to get ‘er done. Especially now, when the world is a mouse click away, we have to find a way to tune it all out.

I have a yurt. It is my place, my escape from the day to day world where I focus on nothing but words on a page. However, admittedly, sometimes those words are someone else’s… their article, or post, or email, or or or… Where there is internet or cell service, there are distractions.

When I have important deadlines, I program Freedom to lock me out of everything for specific hours of the day. I usually leave a lunch break open, so I can at least check my email, etc. But I have to say, while a wee bit challenging at first – as habits die hard – it is truly awesome.

There are lots of internet blockers. If you write, I highly suggest finding the one that makes sense for you. Funny that sometimes adding some restrictions to our lives can actually make us feel the freest.

That is all.

(No, I wasn’t paid for any of this. I just felt like these were worth sharing).

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