Comic Draw Just Might Change My Life

My inspiration this week is an app I just discovered, Comic Draw.

As a full-time writer, I spend a whole lot of time at my computer, writing pages and digging deep into research. More than is probably healthy. As someone who has always been drawn to the arts, from those early years in fashion design school to my work as a photographer and filmmaker, the visual image has always been important to me. As a screenwriter, I watch the images I create in my head and record them onto the page, but a part of me has greatly missed partaking in the creation of each image.

Last year, I took a class on comics and graphic novels, and I have to say, it changed my life. I think I owned a comic book once. I was six or seven years old, and it was Sylvester and Tweetie. The best part of it at the time was pressing my Silly Putty onto the page to duplicate the images. I can’t be sure that I actually ever read the comic, I may not have. In the comic writing class, I had to read multiple comics and graphic novels as I explored the craft. Oh! What I had been missing! So many wonderful stories told in absolutely delightful ways. Nimona is a particular favorite along with Raising Dion and far too many others to name here. I fell in love with a whole new medium and have been itching to play with it ever since.

Recently, I learned about Comic Draw. It’s incredible. I can write comic scripts directly into the app then illustrate them. Now, don’t misunderstand me here, I am not a great artist when it comes to pencil or the page, or in this case, the iPad, but playing around in the app for me is precisely that, playtime. It’s akin to doodling or coloring, but in an all-new medium that I’m super excited about. Studies have proven that taking the time to play enhances overall productivity. And let’s face it, I’m a little short on playtime at the moment… So, if you’re looking for me, I’ll be over here, playing with Comic Draw.

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